Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fun projects and links to patterns!

I have been on a baby bootie craze.  I guess having a 5 month old grandson would do that to a gal. :) I wanted to make him some colorful booties. This is them! I used only 100% cotton yarns for these. The tie inserted at the ankle, seemed to keep them on. Shocker! The pattern I used for these is from Ravelry, found here. I did change up the pattern a bit, but my changes worked. :)

Next, I decided to have fun making dolls!!! I made these two dolls, one for each of our granddaughters. The pattern came from Interweave Press Knit's magazine, Summer, 2002.  The pattern is named Best Friend Doll, by Sandy Cushman. You will see my JoJo doll on my blog, she is knit from this pattern too. :) I must say, these dolls were a hit! The girls had fun with them most of the afternoon.
I made them to sort of look like the girls. One has blue eyes and the other brown. Then I used different brown cotton yarns, cut to be close to the length of each one's hair. Both girls wear glasses, so I fashioned glasses out of craft wire.  HINT: If you know a little/young girl with glasses, putting glasses on her doll is a big plus!
Pattern Here. The dolls are made from 100% cotton, but the clothing is a mixture of types of yarns.

Last, but not least, is Laurie's beautiful shawl. Laurie used her beautiful handspun yarn and made this shawl.
The pattern is a free pattern from Crystal Palace Yarns. The name is Fan Shawl.

Monday, April 9, 2012

House Remodel and Bunnies

When you arrive at the House in the Woods and drive up the driveway, this is pretty much what will great you at the front door. Last year, the pots were empty, the heat, drought and grasshoppers, took care of our potted plants. However, this year, I decided to plant some onions, broccoli and cabbage in the pots. So far, most of the gardening that I have done in TX, has not been very successful.  I have had gardens in other areas of the country, where we lived, and they have been successful.  So, we'll see how I do with the pots. I did just harvest some broccoli and that will be for dinner tonight!

Inside the house you would see lots of updating, needing to be done, and lots of updating, being done.  The latest finished project, is the laundry room!  I wanted my laundry room to be a fun place to visit.  :) I now have a deep sink and shelves to house my dye pots and supplies.  Everything has a home.  What a feature! The window is a bit bright, so you cannot see the curtain. But, I have hung a white linen napkin with curtain rings, on the rod. It makes a wonderful curtain!

One little project that I finally finished was this bunny project.  It took me a year to make these little guys. I started last spring and finished this spring. They just ended up on the bottom of the cotton yarn container and I moved onto other projects. When I found them several weeks ago, I decided to get them done!

The tails were supposed to be pompons, but I decided to crochet tails.

Here are their fronts.  :)  These bunnies are from the pattern by Danger Crafts, called Bunny Nuggets. The pattern can be found here on Ravelry.

These little bunnies were fun to do and now decorate my knitting studio for the spring season.