Sunday, April 22, 2018

Color Play, Mandala Vest and Springtime Fling in Hemp Yarn

Every once in a while, I like to play with color! This time, I decided to make another Potholder for my kitchen. I decided to use pink, because it is supposed to be spring. I am not complaining, about cooler weather, no siree. :D I love that it hasn't warmed up here for a long time yet. In north Texas we have plenty of heat and it will be here before we know it. 

Another project that I have been busy on, is this Mandala vest. I made it pretty much from cotton yarns in my stash. There are a few round in an acrylic, in a silk and in a linen, but probably 85% is cotton. The pattern is actually a long sleeve sweater and the sleeves are bell sleeves. I decided that being in TX, I didn't need long sleeves for a spring/summer garment. So, I left the sleeves off.  The pattern has you start in the center of the back and work in rounds.

 When I finished the rounds that formed the armholes, I decided to work back and forth in rows. I didn't work across the bottom anymore, because I decided it was long enough for my 5 ft, 1 inch height. I also, wanted it to come around the front a little more than the designer had it do.

With those projects done, I am ready to start a new Springtime Fling! This is actually my pattern design, and I have made it several times, but I wanted to make one out of dark blue hemp for my self. Hemp is a great fiber to use and wear in Texas for the summer. It actually starts out softer than linen and I enjoy working with it. I am participating in  KAL with My Sister's Knitter group on Ravelry.