Sunday, December 27, 2015

Sunsets, a Poncho and Slippers With a No Stick Bottom

One of the things that I have learn to appreciate and enjoy living in Texas, is our sunsets. They have wonderful colors and are always different. The camera doesn't always do them justice, when I try to take pictures. Here is one that did come out looking great, imho.
It was taken after some storms had come through and I was standing on my back deck. At the bottom center, you can see a bit of the pond that is down the hill behind our home.
When I was visiting my mom, in September, she asked me to make a poncho wrap for her neighbor for Christmas.  They usually have tea and breakfast together on Christmas morning.  Mom wanted to give Doris something that would keep her warm when sitting and watching TV.  We talked about what she envisioned and then went to the yarn shop. I came home loaded with Ella Rae Chunky Superwash yarn, distributed by KFI. When touching the yarn, I thought it a bit rough, but I suspected it would soften when washed and I was right, it became a nice soft yarn. I actually purchased enough for two poncho's, without my mom knowing. One is this lavender color for Doris and the second was a deep red for mom. I am in the middle of writing the pattern.  I am happy to say that they both like their ponchos!

Another project for Christmas was a couple of pair for Salomas Slippers, here's the link to the free pattern on Ravelry. The pattern calls for worsted weight yarn or 2 strands of sock weight yarn.  My opinion is of such that you need 3 strands of sock weight to equal worsted weight, so that is what I used.  I am trying to use stash yarn as much as possible and I have bunches of sock yarn. I made these slippers for my SIL.

Here I am modeling one of the slippers.  :)

I love these slippers.  The ribbing section is knit in the round and then the garter stitch section(the part over the top of the foot) is knit back and forth in rows.  They are fun to knit!
I had read on another blog a couple of years ago, about putting the caulking on the bottom of slippers for a no skid sole.  I had done that and it worked really well. I had covered the entire bottom of a pair of felted slippers and wore them outside. The felt has given out in a couple of places, but that caulking is hanging on for dear life!  I had even bought my own caulking gun for the project.
But, exciting news!!! We don't need to use that caulking gun any more. They now sell the caulking in toothpaste like tubes at Home Depot. Buy the cheap stuff, the stuff that is acrylic and latex based. The silicone stuff, rubs off the slipper after a bit. I did try it on another pair of slippers. But, the acrylic/latex doesn't wear off. In my Home Depot I can only find the color white. No clear, so you will see the little dots. :)
The tube is super easy to use. Pull off that little cap, then cut the tip of the point and squeeze the tube, simple. Have paper towels handy and a tool, like a nail or popsicle stick, in case you need to touch the caulk. The acrylic/latex, doesn't want to come off of your hands or any other items either. It isn't water soluble. I learned the hard way! Hahaha!
Here is the bottom of the first Salomas slipper.

Here are both pairs done.  I put one less row on the aqua pair.

I didn't want to leave the guys in the family out. So, several of them received man sized slipper socks! I used the New Cottage Socks pattern from Lion Brand, here's the link. Instead of using their stitch pattern, I used a k1 p1 ribbing for the sock.  The pattern uses 212 yards of  Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick and Quick for a pair.
I put the caulking on them too.