Monday, February 27, 2012

Wingspan and knitting

The Wingspan is a great pattern.  I found it on Ravelry and the pattern itself is free. To make it, you work short rows and the design is such that each row is shorter than the previous row. That is, of course, to the end of the triangle you are working on.  Then you cast on some stitches and start all over. Truly a fun knit, and fairly easy if you follow her directions and use stitch markers!

I used a self-striping yarn, so I didn't have to change colors to make the stripes. The yarn did that for me. The yarn that I used is call Poems and I used the worsted weight size with 10.5 US needles.

I made mine a little bit longer than the pattern called for, because I wanted the ability to wrap it around my neck.

For Valentine's Day, I knitted our new little grandson a red teddy bear. I put a bright lime green scarf on the teddy bear to liven him up. 

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Robie House in Lego's and A New Idea

One of the knitting groups that I attend, is held in a local library.  It is actually a crafting group, and you will see various crafts being work on, from time to time. There are even free classes that are taught, should a person wish to learn a new craft.  This last month, a needlepoint class was being taught to some eager students.

Over the Christmas holidays, one of the prolific knitters in our group decided that she was going to build a Lego Kit of Frank Lloyd Wright's Robie House. The Robie House, designed and built in about 1910, is in the Hyde Park area of Chicago.  Quite a gorgeous home for its time and for today, as well. It is now a National Historic Landmark and can be seen by taking a tour of it. It was almost torn down twice, but saved each time.

Phyllis's house.

Here is Phyllis with her Robie House. There are 2,276 lego pieces in this kit.  Truly, amazing project to undertake.

The top of Phyllis's Robie house.

Here's the idea.  Jane, another knitter from the library crafters group, came up with a great idea for her stitch markers, needle point protectors and anything else you can fit in this box.  She purchased a pill box and is using it to safely store her knitting and crochet supplies.  The lids are see through and they lock down securely, so she can put the box in her knitting bag and take it with her. She is always prepared!

Don't you just love seeing what others create and the idea's that they come with?  I do.