Sunday, July 27, 2014

Where Ya Been, Joanne??

Aacckk! where to start.  I don't know, where to start except to say,  I love blogging and have really missed it.  But, I was getting frustrated at the way blogger had changed and wasn't user friendly with my WindowsXP computer. (I know, I know, old technology. But I liked it...) So, after a couple of months of suffering while blogging with struggles, I stopped blogging. Then, the light turned on in my brain!,  I decided to update my computer to Windows 7.  I know, that isn't the newest thing either, but it is the most stable, or so I have been told by the ones in the know.  :)
I have still been busy knitting, spinning and crocheting. Also, was working on patterns.  As my computer was in the shop, I kept busy designing.  So, that when it came back home I had to write.
Now, ready to blog again, and see if the updated computer works any better with Blogger, I had to choose which, of the multitudes of pictures that I have taken over the last several months, to start with. So, starting with some small crochet projects, here we go.
These are two potholders that I made and sent to my mom.  I told her that she could choose one, and give the other away to a friend, if she wanted to. You can find the pattern here on Ravelry. The potholders are made with cotton yarns. I have a little collection of colors.  :) 
The above potholder is just the front.  I hadn't woven in the ends or done the back yet. Below you will find the front and back of the second potholder.  I love making these and working with the color combo's. I get to see what works and what doesn't.

 Still in the crochet mood, I decided to start making Minions. You know the little guys from the Despicable Me movies? Two for our grandson and one for The UPS Store guy!  He liked how cute they were and wanted one for his desk.
Those mischievous little guys, invaded the potholders!!


 These two guys, now live in Florida.  Our younger daughter and her family moved to Florida last month, so they went with our grandson to his new home.

Wow! It worked!!!!! I was able to write to you, show you some pictures and be done in under an hour.  :)  That is a good thing.  Guess for now, I did the right thing updating the computer. Hahaha! (I know, it was about time)