Sunday, March 31, 2013

New Lace Cowl pattern

I hope that you are having a nice Easter Sunday.  In my faith, it is the day that I remember and celebrate that Jesus Christ, God's Son, was raised from the dead.  Because He is God's son, nothing can hold Him down. :)

In a couple of weeks, I will be launching this new pattern, named Ruth.  It will first be launched at a workshop that I will be teaching at the Little Red Barn on Jacob's Reward Farm, on April 13, 2013.

The yarn used in this pattern is sport weight alpaca yarn, purchased from Cindy at the farm.  That is what will be used in the workshop. 

This is a fun pattern to knit and to wear!  I will be helping knitters learn to knit in the round, read charts and to use stitch markers for guidance in their knitting.

If you live locally, and have the day free, feel free to contact Cindy and sign up for the class. The pattern is included in the price of the class. :)

If you are not local, and not able to join us on that day, watch for it to go on sale in my etsy shop and on Raverly.

This pattern is named after my sweet Mom.  :)  She is the one who shared her time, as well as her knitting and crochet talent, with me, by teaching me how to do both crafts.  THANKS MOM!!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Visiting Home

I just arrived home in Texas, from visiting my Mom on Long Island, NY.  It is always fun for me to go back and see her, other family members and friends.

This time there were some changes to see too! Below, is a picture of the the church that I attended while I grew up. I also, was married in this church building.

On either side of the front doors are 2 arched stained glass windows. They used to be green shutter pieces, made out of wood. The stained glass windows used to be installed on the back of the building, where in the past they could be seen, but now, with the town growing up around the building, they were not seen.  The membership decided to have the windows moved to the front, since they would fit perfectly in the spaces occupied by the green wooden shutters.

Here is the picture, taken at night.  The gorgeous windows show up even better, being lit, at night.

One of Mom's and my favorite places to visit is the harbor.  This time, we were excited to see the sailboats out.  Mind you, the air temp was 36F and the water 40F.  It was also very windy, the sailors had a fun time!