Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Finished Project, FINALLY

Here I am in my finished sweater! I love this sweater, with the big pockets and the cable design on the front. The pattern is Astor, from the Berroco Yarn website, and it is a free pattern. The pattern called for 3/4 length sleeves and I wanted them a bit longer, but what I didn't think about is that my arms are obviously shorter than the model the sweater was on. So, the 3/4 length sleeves would probably have been perfect on me. If you look close, you will see my sleeves rolled up. I am thinking that I may shorten them.
This is my newest pattern, A Zig and A Zag Scarf.  It is currently being tested on Ravelry and I hope to have it listed next week.

My testers say that they like the pattern and at least one will be making it again! That is always a good sign. :)