Friday, September 4, 2009


I really do enjoy baseball. I don't get to see a lot of baseball, but I like to when I can. Now, I am not an avid watcher, mainly because my all time favorite team is the New York Mets. They don't play the Texas Rangers, however, so their games are not shown on my TV. Oh, I have a TV antenna, and don't have sports channels to be able to see games. I see only the games that are shown locally.

Once in a while I will be seen watching a Rangers game. I will root for them, because they don't play the Mets.

There is an organization that gets knitters and crocheters together to meet at baseball games to not only watch the game, but to work on their projects at the same time. Here is a video of one such game. Showing, of course, the NY Mets! :)

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  1. I hear Pudge is back with the Rangers. We always enjoyed watching him play.