Wednesday, October 12, 2011


...To my spinning and fiber friends! I have been spinning with a group of wonderful spinners for years and years.  Some faces, in the group, have changed over the years while people move away and people move in, but the same "loving heart" has always been there in the group.

I was totally blown away today, when I arrived and found that they had decided to give me a Gramma shower.  :)  There is a money tree, so that I can purchase something for use in my home, when Tad and Anna bring the baby for a visit. Plus, there were other gifts!!  I feel so blessed right now, that I wanted to share the items with you.

There is a handmade quilt, a pair of handknitted booties, two crocheted hats, a hooded towel and some socks, and a handmade Gramma brag book. 

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