Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Bunch of Hugs

On Wednesdays, I attend a meeting with a great group of women. We are all hand spinners and knitters. Some of us also crochet and some also weave. Meaning, we all love yarn in all forms and fashions!  :)

Once in a while, when one of us needs a special hug, we are able to do something about that.  Today we were able to give Marlene, a beautiful shawl. It was hand knit by Kate, using our hand spun yarns.  I think at least 10 of us contributed yarns to this shawl.

Kate used a pattern from Jane Thornley, named Color Streams. It was a great pattern for putting together a lot of different yarns.

I think that Kate did such a good job, that I wanted to show the shawl to you.

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