Monday, May 27, 2013

Upcycling or Reusing a Sock

Somewhere around 1997, hand knitting socks started to become very popular again. I started knitting my own wool and wool blend socks waaayyy back then. I have made lots of mistakes and learned many lessons over those 16 years. 

One thing I learned is that I LOVE to wear hand knit socks.  They are pretty, comfortable and warm. Just a note, so you don't think that I am crazy, I don't wear them in the summer. It is too hot here. 

Another little piece of info that I read, is that there are as many knit stitches in a pair of hand knit socks as in a hand knit sweater. oh......I haven't taken the time to count, you can though if you want to. :) Meaning, that it takes as long to knit these little items as it does a sweater.

The last thing I am going to mention today, about learning and mistakes, is the durability of your yarn. This pair of socks is one of the first pair that I made. I loved them. My close family and friends will now say, "Duh, they are blue!"  Yep.  :)

I used a soft 100% wool yarn that is a single ply yarn.  I did, however, reinforce the heel and toe. What I didn't know to do was to reinforce the BOTTOM of the heel.  So, because single ply yarns aren't as strong as a 2 ply yarn and the yarn wasn't blended with a stronger fiber such as nylon, the inevitable happened. A hole............ 

After all the work, I just couldn't throw them away, besides they were pretty. So, for about 10 years these socks have been hanging around my studio, neglected and, truthfully, collecting dust. What to do with a pair of unusable socks. Yes, I could've darned them, or needle felted them, but I thought I would feel the "patch." 

Then yesterday, I was looking for a small bag to put some double pointed needles in and I thought about these socks. YES! That's the ticket re-purpose them. The double pointed needles, that I wanted to use for my project, would fit in the ankle portion so, out came the scissors.

I turned the sock inside out, took a deep breath, and then I cut just above the heel.  I stitched across the bottom of the ankle portion, several times, on a small stitch on my sewing machine and here it is turned right side out.

I wanted to crochet around the top of the "sock," so I cut off the toe. After pulling out short bits of yarn, that appeared from cutting stitches in half, I eventually found the end of yarn that would unravel the sock's foot.

I crocheted a row of single crochet around the top of the ribbing, then a second row, with holes for putting the tie through and eventually worked a third row of single crochets and ended off. Note: If you don't crochet, you could knit this part on.

I discovered that my knitting needles wouldn't stay in my cute little bag very long, they slipped through the knitting. Of course they would..... :)

So, I dove into the fabric stash, recovered a cute piece of pink flowered cotton fabric and lined my little bag.

I did unwind the yarn, from the rest of the foot, and have it to use some other time.  I also still have the other sock, and will come up with a use for that. 

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