Sunday, August 10, 2014

Shawl Shaping Experiment

Once in a while, my brain wants to see "what if I do this when I knit this item?" So, that leads to an experimental item and maybe a pattern and then again, maybe not. 

Below, I took one of my basic shawl patterns, Terrific Shoulder Shawl (found on the linked page) and the "what if" question was, "What if I increase every row at the center back?"  I wondered if it would make the sides longer, since it would be growing quicker, or if it would take the point longer down the back.

I also increased at the ends at a quick pace, every row, so the front grew quickly, and threw in some rows of *K2tog, yo* repeats for a lacy look. I used a yarn, that was comprised of several strands of yarn from several different balls of yarn. It was all cotton and made yarn weight of heavy worsted to bulky.  I used a large needle, Size US 13 (9 mm). I love the look of this shawl. 
Ok, here is the surprise shape of the back.  :)

The point does dip down quickly and I do like the shape. The back point is actually equal to the two front points.  Yet, it is narrow across the shoulders.

So, now we know the answer to my "what if."  Have a great day!!!!

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