Friday, September 19, 2014

Cotton Knitting!

In March, I went to the Wildflower Fiber Retreat. On the way to Tyler, TX, where the retreat was held, my friend Sharon and I stopped at a yarn shop named Rose Path. It is a great shop and the ladies inside were very friendly. Even the gals sitting and knitting at the table were friendly! There was a shawl/scarf/light wrap laying on top of some yarn and it caught both of our eyes. What a great shawl for Texas, or actually, anywhere that you might just need a light shawl or scarf. It was made from cotton yarn, which is a great yarn to use for summers in Texas.

My thought process at the time was, I could knit this up for summer and get to where it in the cold air conditioning.  Well, summer is almost over and it is FINALLY done.  :)  I love it and the cotton is some of the softest yarn I have used.

The pattern is named 3S Shawl, by Amy A Meade, found on Ravelry as a free pattern, and fingering weight yarn. Here is the link to the pattern on Ravelry. I used the larger size needles and I did the crochet bind off. Also, I worked a couple of rows of the pattern stitch, *k2tog, yo,* before I worked my bind off. That way the bottom edge had a bit more of a lacey look.

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