Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fall Colors and a Happy Mistake

We were able to take a trip back east for a few days. We did have a great time and were able to see family members who we haven't visited with in years. We landed at LaGuardia, rented a car and drove up the NY State Thruway. Fall colors were just starting and I enjoyed every minute of that drive! The UPS Store guy keeps telling everyone that I must have taken 100 photos or more, LOL, and maybe I did....... I was just sooooooo excited to get to see the colors.
This picture is on the Thruway. Don't worry I won't post all of them.
This picture was taken on a smaller road, on the way to visit The UPS Store guy's dad and mom.

AND this is how close I was to Rhinebeck, home of the NYS Sheep and Wool Festival! My in-laws live in Rhinebeck. We were there a mere 3 days before the festival! no, I didn't get to attend it. But, I love this billboard and took yet another picture. The UPS Store guy knew that I had lost it, with this one, good thing he knows me and my pension for sheep and yarn.

We had a wonderful time upstate and I now have an invitation from one of the best SIL's and BIL's to stay at their home for Rhinebeck Wool Festival anytime I wish to attend it.  I tell you, I do have 3 wonderful SIL's. Two on my side and one on The UPS Store guy's side.
We had to leave upstate NY and travel back down to Long Island to visit my family for a PARTY!!  My mom turned 90 and we had her party on the 18th.  It was a fun time by all. Family, church friends and neighbors all attended and there were lots of laughs and stories floating around. Here's Mom!
Well, all the time we spent flying and driving did give me time to work on projects.  This one is actually finished!
It actually is a mistake. Yep, a bonafide mistake. However, it is a happy mistake and thus has been named.  The original pattern is a free crochet pattern on Ravelry, called Hitchin' a Ride.  Well, I left out a step. So, my Hitchin' a Ride became more of a crocheted Lazy Katy, than a Hitchin' a Ride.  The edge that is on the top of the picture should be stair stepped. But, mine isn't and I added the crocheted lace to it, to dress it up anyway.  Couldn't have done the lace edge if I had followed the directions. So, here is Happy Mistake.

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