Sunday, January 18, 2015

Projects, Finished and Not

In a previous post, I had shown my Happy Mistake, pinned and blocking. Here it is on my mannequin for you to see. I love the way the wrap is asymmetrical.
I will also, put one end up over my shoulder, use a shawl pin to hold it in place, and wear it like a poncho. This shows my lace edging well.

Here is one of my favorite live models.  I have several of those. :) She is modeling her Tardis scarf, one of the two that I had knit for Christmas gifts.  Can you see that her t-shirt has a Tardis on it as well?  I am sorry the picture is blurry, it was Christmas, there was excitement and Gramma(me), didn't hold the camera still.  Hahaha!  

This sweater is Astor. Astor is a free pattern on Berroco yarn's website. Click on the link, and you should go directly there. I like the fact that this sweater is knit out of a bulky yarn and is a loose sweater, with pockets!! It may be a jacket for me here in TX, but I will definitely wear it inside on those cold, dark and windy days, when the house is sooooooooooo drafty.
This is not me, but a professional model, from the Berroco site. :)

I am using Lamb's Pride Bulky in Grey Heather for my sweater.
At the time of taking the picture, I had the back and pocket linings done. I was starting the left front and had just added the pocket lining to it.  I do have the left front and 99% of the right front done now. Will post more pictures soon. I did find it helpful to put markers where the twist stitch sections repeat. Of course, I didn't think of it until I was 75% done with the second front. But, even for that small amount of knitting it was helpful and left me thinking, "Why hadn't I done that for the left front???"
Last, but not least, is my plastic bag tote bag. I used the plastic grocery and shopping bags for this project.  I am sure you know the bags, they are the ones we are supposed to recycle, but collect in our closets until they are falling out of them.  
What fun this was! I cut the plastic bags, looped them together and made up this tote bag. It took a while to make it, but I am happy with the results. The green bag was from The UPS Store guy and our employees. When they heard that I was working on this project, they contributed this huge bag to it.  Huge means, it is about 5 feet tall and 30 inches in diameter. It holds the Styrofoam peanuts that we have to use to pack our boxes securely.

And the inside.

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