Sunday, October 11, 2015

Shawls and More Shawls

Fall is here and summer is over. In north central Texas that means that the 100 degree temperatures are gone and most of the days are now even lower than 90 degrees.  We may occasionally have a 90 degree day, but most are in the 80's. It is amazing how cool 80+ degrees or even 90 feels, after 106. 
During this summer I spent a lot of time making shawls. Seems that a lot has gone on in my friends' lives calling for a couple of prayer shawls to be made.
This shawl is one of the prayer shawls. It was actually for a friends' sister.
Here it is pinned out and blocking, the light for this picture is better, than the other pictures, it was daylight. The other pictures were taken before the sun came up, so it was dark in my front hallway.
 Here is the back. The shawl was made out of different yarns that I had on hand. Different textures add an artsy look.

 This shawl is made from handspun yarns. I had never used this shaping technique and was really happy with the outcome. Sorry, there isn't a close up picture of this one.
Now, onto the other shawls I made.
I own a small triangle shawl loom.  I have been having fun using it and then crocheting or knitting an embellishment around the edge.
 The next two shawls were each made using a woven triangle center. For this one below I crocheted an edging around the triangle. I used a K sized crochet hook and several different lace stitches.

This shawl used the same yarn for the center triangle, but different yarns for the embellishment. I  knit the embellishment for this shawl, using several different lace stitches. This shawl sold almost as fast as I finished it, so there isn't a close up picture of it.

I did get to go to NY last month, there will be a post on that trip in the near future, but while I was visiting my mom, my brother brought in this little newspaper picture to me. Seems there was another overgrown Merino lamb, this one is named Chris. Small print says Chris yielded 89 lbs of raw wool, an equivalent of 30 sweaters!!!  Amazing.


  1. You've been busy! Lovely work--you are so talented and the shawls are just beautiful. We had a warm day today, and fall temps are returning. Sweater weather is coming!