Sunday, July 31, 2016

Beautiful People and Beautiful Things

April ended in a stressful and sad time for me, as I had to say good-bye to my precious mom and friend. She was a confidant and advisor, a wonderful woman of God who's faith kept her strong all the way to the end, or should I say to the new beginning of the rest of her life. :) I will miss her, her words of wisdom and faith, her encouragement, and her friendship. I know though, that she is in a much better place, with our Lord and Savior.

I traveled to NY to help set up the plans for Mom, with my brothers.  One day, my oldest brother and I went to the First Presbyterian Church of Babylon, to speak with Mom's pastor.  On our way past the Education building we saw this beautiful tree in full bloom.  What a joyful sight.  Truthfully, I have no idea what type of tree this is, but it was so beautiful that I had to take a picture. If you know the name, please leave a comment, as I would love to know.

My brother was kind enough, he is used to humoring his sister in this way, to hold a bloom so I could get a close up picture.  It was just beautiful.

The church building, which I have pictured on here before, is always beautiful to see. History tells us that the tall steeple used to lead, and still leads, fishermen back to port. The clock in the steeple does have a bell to ring the hour.  This was the building I was married in, by the way, 42 years ago. :)

What was sooo pretty about this time, was the wreathes on the front door.  They were so pretty, full of spring flowers and colors.  Just loved the look against the white doors.

And here is my magic yarn ball shawl!!!!  (and me peeking out behind it, hahaha!) I love how this shawl turned out and cannot wait for it to turn chilly again, so I can wear it.  I suppose, I could turn the air conditioning down to 68 so I can try it out.  Hahaha!

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