Sunday, May 21, 2017

Picture Hanging, Shabby Chic Curtains and knitting

Every time I move, it takes a while for me to choose the home for all of my pictures. This time was no exception. :) You would think, after 16 different moves, that I would be able to move a bit quicker, but no.  Actually, this time I thought I had made quicker choices and had hung up quite a few pictures, but they just weren't working in their new homes. So, I spent the greater part of this week taking down some of what I had put up and then rehanging them.
Here is what I have come up with.
Above is the dining room. We have my grandfather's clock on the china cabinet and sconces made by my dad on either side. Pictures on the wall are of sheep, which were taken of different American sheep farms and purchased by my hubby and framed by him, just for me. :) I love wool and I love sheep. I love him.  :)

This photo is of the door from the kitchen eating area to the living room. So, you see the brick work of the fireplace and part of the treadle sewing machine. The photo on the brick, is no longer there, but has been moved. Now, to the kitchen wall. I found the two small rectangular trays at Canton First Monday trade days. The round black one, is of Connecticut. If you know me, you are asking yourself, Connecticut???? Why??  My dad was born there and my mom gave that tray to me years ago, so I wouldn't forget where he was born. Hahaha! 

I love this quilt. We had hung this quilt on another wall when we moved into the house. It wasn't receiving enough light to do it justice. So it was moved over the weekend and now it can be seen.
On the opposite wall from the quilt, I hung these three folk art type farm pictures, more sheep.

So, here I step out onto a limb. :) I took down blinds. I am not a fan of blinds, especially in the dust bowl that Texas can be. I have been looking at curtain ideas on Pinterest and in magazines. Then I  thought,  "I have linens, that I can hang at my windows." So, here is my attempt at the Shabby Chic look for curtains. Only thing purchased were the rods. After the hours it takes to make trips to many stores and then not finding my rods, I ended up having to order them on-line. It took 5 minutes to order them on line and they were delivered two days later.......

I love hanging towels and thought that I would make some for myself using my stash cotton yarns! This is my first one.
Above is my new pattern, named Springtime Fling. I have knit it a couple of times, sold the selling rights to Fiberlady for their Hemp Fine yarn. But, I also plan to list it for sale on Ravelry soon!!
'til next time, Be Blessed and have Good Days!

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  1. My goodness, you've been busy. I love the stories behind your decor. It's fun to decorate a new space, isn't it?