Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Knitting a Sweater from Hand Spun Yarn

With swatches done and the size for my sweater chosen, it was time to start knitting. Using the size 6 US needle, I cast on and knit a row.  THEN, I remembered that it had been recommended to me years ago, to cast on with a smaller needle for the top down sweater and then change to your chosen needle. 

The weight of the sweater will put a lot of stress on the neckline of a top down sweater, so a tighter cast on is beneficial. In theory the neck line shouldn't stretch out of shape, as much. SO, I ripped out the row that I had knitted and my cast on stitches. I went and found the size 5 US needle, cast on my stitches and then used it for the first row.  After that row I changed to my chosen needle size, the 6 US.

I have my fronts, sleeves and the back marked by stitch markers. My "fancy" stitch markers are actually made from a thin cotton yarn. I fold the cotton yarn with an end long enough for making a knot and the fold/loop part large enough to go over the needle and slide nicely. Then I tie an overhand knot as tight as I can get it. 

On the right hand side of the photo, you will see coil-less safety pins along the neck edge. I am making a v-neck, so the center front edges are increased more frequently than the shoulder shaping is done. I am using the "make 1" technique for the center front increases and since they are almost an invisible increase, I decided to put a pin on each increase when it is made. It is much easier to count the pins, than the stitches and I usually don't forget to add the pin. There are others there to bump my hand to remind me. 😃

For the increases at the shoulders, I am using the "knit in the front and the back of the next stitch" increase. I like the look of that for that part of the sweater. 

So far I am loving this sweater and the yarn! I do enjoy knitting with my hand spun yarn!

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