Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spinning Wheels and Knitting

The other day, I went over to my friend Laurie's home to get some extra spinning time in. One thing great about spinning is that, it can be a very portable hobby. Some spinners, when purchasing a new car, will take their spinning wheels with them. If the wheel doesn't fit in the new car, then forget it(the car, not the wheel). Spinners can be very dedicated to this hobby/craft/art form.

Well, the story behind this "new" wheel of Laurie's is a great story. Just so you know, Laurie has a Louet S-10, which is a great wheel and she has spun miles and miles of yarn on that wheel and will continue to spin on it. However, one day she went to look at a wheel that was advertised as an antique wheel. It was being sold, locally, by a person who was moving to Canada and didn't feel like moving the wheel again. Seems she had brought it to Texas, from Canada, some years ago. When Laurie walked into the room and took one look at the wheel, she was smitten and just gasped. This wheel was going to be hers, she knew it. She grabbed her cell phone and called me so we could talk about a double drive set up, she pretty much understood the "Greek" I spoke to her that day and decided the whee was, for sure, going home with her that day.

The wheel, will disassemble and fit into Laurie's car, so it is portable too. :) Thanksfully, she owns a mini-van, so she can get the wheel around town and has brought it to spinning since purchasing it. This is all good news for her husband. He doesn't have to worry about purchasing a new vehicle to fit the wheel. LOL!

I thought you might like to see Laurie spinning at the wheel that took her breath away, Arabelle.

If you look closely at the wheel, you will notice some pieces colored gray or black. Those pieces are actually cast iron. This wheel is truly a gorgeous wheel and I am soooo happy that Laurie found it and was able to purchase it.

Here is a sweater that I have just finished. It is a size 6 months and is for sale in my etsy store.
I love to knit baby sweaters. This sweater is made from 100% cotton and feels so nice and soft.


  1. That spinning wheel is gorgeous! The sweater is pretty too.

  2. SWEET Sweater!! And you got a great photo of Arabelle! Thanks, Joanne

  3. You knit such pretty pretty things!