Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring is here!

It is wonderful weather outside, right now. We are having sun, warm temperatures, not hot, and cool nights. The wildflowers are blooming and I have seen some Texas Bluebonnets, our state flower out along the roads. Bluebonnets are a wildflower, and usually grow along the highways. Some people will stop along the interstate or highways, get their children out of the car, sit them in the bluebonnets and take the pictures. I probably won't do that, my kids are safe. :) Being they are 33 and 30, they will make their own decisions on it anyway. OK, I digress.

I wanted to show you two of my knitting projects. This black sweater, below is from the pattern Mr Greenjeans. It is a deep v-neck cardigan, worked from the top down. I just love those top-down patterns. Not many seams when done and I can try it on while I work. Below the armholes there is a cable and rib section. When I am done with the cables and ribs, I will put the sleeves back on the knitting needles and finish the sleeves. It will be a long sleeve sweater when done.

These purlple socks are made from a bulky weight wool and will be slipper socks. I made these in a knit-a-long with the knitters at my local library. We meet one morning a week, at the library, and knit. The name of the pattern for these socks is: Tropical Punch Slipper Socks.

Both patterns are available on Ravelry, if you go out there.