Sunday, May 23, 2010

Friday Night Play

The Public Library Children's Theatre
King Thrushbeard
The Brothers Grimm
I arrived early for the dinner and play and as I waited in my car, I looked up to see the flags that I had parked under. What a wonderful sight! I had to show you. Glistening in the sun with the gorgeous blue sky in the background.

Older sister was not in the play on Friday, but she would be in the play the next night as it would be performed two times. That way every child would get to perform. She was to play the princess on night two.

Younger sister was in the play I went to see. She played the character of the maid. She would open and close the curtains between the scenes and talk to the other maid about the story line. This Gramma thinks she did a fabulous job.

She is the one on the left in my pictures.

After the play her mom and dad gave her roses. A happy girl, who loved the play and asked immediately to be in next years production. :)
Good job!!!

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