Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers' Day


I am hoping that you had a wonderful and relaxing Mothers' Day today. We were able to go to brunch with our daughters and our oldest daughter's family. We had a wonderful time.
Being a creative person, I tried to instill creativity into our daughters when they were small. Both are very artistic and create wonderful items. It does this mother's heart good, to see the projects that they both work on. In turn, I love to see art being passed on to the next generation. Below is a necklace made for me by my younger granddaughter. She and her sister are blessings in our lives and I love my necklace. I put it on and wore it into the Cheesecake Factory, with pride and happiness. :)
Do you ever hit a road block when you are working on a project? I do. These past few weeks, while I have been trying to work on knitting and writing a new pattern, I hit a road block of frustration. First off, I made my first 2 prototypes from a yarn, that doesn't really have a typical gauge. I discovered this after the fact.
I wrote the pattern using the gauge for that yarn, only to discover that when I tried to make a third (yes third) one, that the new yarn didn't meet the gauge of the first two items and it was knitting up toooooo loooooose. :) Sooo, I added a new gauge and size to the pattern. THEN, when finished, I discovered that the yarn I had just used, didn't really meet any other gauge either. So, at this point, I decided I would have to knit this item yet again. Yep, a fourth time.......... This time using yarns that have normal gauges for their size. You know, like a real worsted weight, or a real fingering weight, not an acrylic/mohair blend or a fluffy cotton yarn. Yep, that is what I had done. At this point, I was also wondering where my brain had gone. Do you see it anywhere???? So..... I put it all down(no I didn't throw it at the wall) and decided to do something fun.
Here are my fun dolls. The first one that I made is in the center. She was actually made 10 years ago for my oldest granddaughter, but had lost her clothing, while being played with. First, she had a pretty new dress knitted and embellished for her. Then onto 2 new dolls.
None of the dolls have a name. Anyone have any ideas?
And going on with family creativity. My SIL, painted my gorgeous teapot, the matching tray and 2 matching mugs, that the dolls are using for chairs.
One of these days, my new pattern will be able to be seen. It will be funny, when I introduce it to you, because it looks like it should be the easiest thing in the world to write. AND it should've been, except I used unusual yarns. :)

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  1. I love your dolls. If that teapot goes missing....well, I'm just saying "IF". It's wonderful