Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Before and Almost After

When we moved to the house in the woods, several years ago, we knew we were buying a fixer-upper and that it would take time, money and energy to get the house to be what we would like. But, we were both willing for the challenge and took the plunge.

So, I "got a bee in my bonnet" back in November, 2009, that I wanted to paint the paneling in the sewing room. I wanted to see in there. The 1960's paneling is all over this section of the house, with an old gold and brown rug. Talk about dark.

Well, the UPS Store guy said, "we should just do it right and take down the paneling and put up wallboard." So, we(he) did just that. There were a few trials along the way, aren't there always?
Then he decided the rug should go too. I would've ripped it up for him, I was so anxious for that to go, but he said that he would do it. And he did.

Well, here are the before pictures. They are taken with a flash and lights on. The almost done pictures were taken with lights off and no flash. :)

Damage on this desk. You cannot really notice but all the paneling was pretty scratched up too.
The desk is a great built in. We left it.

Here's the during! The toe moulding and flooring aren't in yet, in these pictures.

All of my knitting books have fit into the shelves above the desk! For the first time, all of them are in the same room! No more running around the house, looking for just the one. Well, of course, that is assuming I don't leave them out somewhere. :) The front of the desk is navy blue, with the insides white.

Walls are a VERY LIGHT light blue. Notice the new window and the frame around it. When he took out the single pane window, he replaced it with a longer one. The flooring is in below, but still no toe moulding.

Better picture of the window, with the view of the woods and pond. :) That's the flooring on his table.

Now I am busy loading it up with my things. I will get more pictures soon, so you can see it. This room is now officially the STUDIO. Where I will be writing patterns, designing patterns, sewing, and any other project I can come up with. The UPS Store guy says, "Great, she will be too busy, to design another room." LOL! But, I can multi-task, he'll see.


  1. Wow! What a great space! drool... I can't wait to see all your goodies put in their places. Make sure the UPS Store guy takes photos of you!

  2. Hey, Joanne, everything looks great! Gosh, I had missed a lot of updates on your blog and I have enjoyed reading every one of them ;) Love your baskets, what a fun class (it looks like)

    Thank you, too, for your recent kind and encouraging words to me, dear friend! Hugs,

  3. It's even more of a dramatic change in person - it turned out so well!