Saturday, June 12, 2010

New and Old

Just a week or so ago, we had Camp G-G going on here. I think it is safe to say that we all had a good time. The day that their dad and mom came home, we had gone to the house and turned up the air conditioning, it was 95 F outside, and then we were able to get everything unpacked and ready for their dad and mom's arrival. We even hung Welcome Home signs around the house. I had thought that that would be a good activity for the day, because I could just see them standing and watching the clock allllll day, and running to the front window, waiting for the magic time. This way I kept them busy and before you knew it their dad and mom walked through the door. :) Sneaky Gramma, aren't I?

I stayed a few minutes to ask about their trip and hear about the cruise. They did have a great time. Before I could go, I was pleasantly surprised to see this fabulous basket/tote emerge from the suitcase! It was a gift for me! I love totes, who doesn't, AND I love baskets. :) I have it all in one. I was told that they went into a booth and were watching the local women making these totes. They decided to purchase one for me. There was also one there decorated like Dora the Explorer. Phew! Thank you for not purchasing that one for me.

This is the NEW. The new absolutely gorgeous knitting bag! The center of the flower has small sea shells attached.

The OLD??? Well, when I married The UPS Store guy in 1973, Avocado Green was the color of the day. Actually, so was an Antique Gold color. I went with the Avocado Green. No blues, no stainless steel, not even black appliances. Avocado Green. OK. So, when shower gifts and wedding gifts arrived, and they were appliances, family and friends purchased Avocado Green for me. OH, and if you remember or are too young to remember, we didn't have the great registries that are popular now. We couldn't go to Target and sign up and have a list print out for family and friends around the country. Actually, I don't think we even had Target yet. Geeeshh.

So, our moms would keep a list. They would take us to the store, recommend items and write the list. Mine had a notebook she kept the list in, with everything else we had to remember. We didn't have wedding planners(the people) then either. Family and friends would call and ask what was on the list and she would tell them. The choice was made and their name written next to the item. Mind you, we didn't have lots of model choices either, so we didn't have to be too explicit. A green blender. A green waffle maker/ griddle. A green electric skillet.

Also, in 1973 Teflon II was the BIG rage. I received several appliances with that form of Teflon II and I still have them. This weekend I decided that it is time, after 36 1/2 years, to ditch the waffle maker. (I hear my girls cheering in the background) You see, the Teflon II never really worked well, for me anyway. Yes, I seasoned it and seasoned it, and seasoned it, but the waffles always stuck. They stuck on the bottom and the top, so when you opened the maker you had a split waffle.

Appliances have come a long way in the last century, so I think maybe now there might be a better one. I am tired of eating waffle chips, as we named them the other night. They split and I have to stand there and scrape them out.

Say goodbye to the old.

You know, the plates come out of this and flip over to be a griddle for pancakes or a squished sandwich maker(the precursor to the panini).

You ask why on earth did she put up with that for sooooo long????? The answer. I don't know. :)


  1. You brought back so many memories with this post...yes, the avacado everything...and no registeries.....Oh do I remember......Don't you just dread the day when that color returns?

    Beautiful basket your parents brougt you; that will hold alot of yarn....

    Sounds like a fun GG camp....aren't grandkids the best......Aren't you tired?......maybe some rest and knitting in order.....

    Hugs and blessings

  2. Ahh, I am sorry to mislead you, it was our granddaughters parents who went on the cruise and came home with my new tote.

  3. I'm still using the avacado green crock pot. I got one in each color in '76--green, gold, and reddish orange. Too funny!

  4. Great bag, Joanne! Quite a score!

    I went with Avacado Green, too, when given the choice. I remember moving to Waco with 2 kids under 2 and my new 36" wide Avocado Green stove, only to find out that the refrigerator was back-ordered. I sent my husband to Montgomery Wards (remember those?) and I told him to not come home until he had a refrigerator. I told him it had to have an ice maker and be Avocado Green! That was in 1982 or so. I finally paid someone to take that refrigerator away, still functioning, in 2003.