Saturday, July 2, 2011

Vintage Doily Vest

Well, with the temperatures soaring into the upper 90's and 100's, my mind is still on accessories that I can wear that won't make me hotter, but add to my outfit. Hence, the Summer Waves scarf in a previous post and now a vest made from 100% cotton doilies.

One time at a Flea Market/Craft Market, I saw a very pretty vest made from Vintage Doilies. It was on a mannequin in a booth, that was selling Vintage Doilies.  I thought the vest was absolutely gorgeous. So, I decided to purchase the doilies and make one for myself. 

Of course, I purchased way more than I needed, but that is OK. I will make other items with those.

Here's how I did it. I washed all the doilies, and in looking at them, I decided to use different colored ones in the same vest, plus lots of different shapes.

After considering my measurements, and the ease that is needed for a vest(I like at least 4 inch ease), I laid the doilies out lining them up in a vest shape. Then I shuffled them, changed them a bit and finally came up with this.

Here is a front. I over lapped the doilies and stitched them together with my sewing machine, on a straight stitch.

This is the back.

 The other front.

After assembling the fronts and back pieces, I then sewed them together at the shoulders and sides, leaving at least 10 inches open for the armholes.

Here is the finished vest.

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