Friday, July 1, 2011


In North Texas, we have several roads that are being expanded and new bridges that are being built.

Last Monday, I drove under one of the new interchanges that is going in. It was pretty strange sitting under this 4 layer high bridge intersection at the stop light.  I just had to take a photo for you to see. The black car looks big, because it is near. Just past that large white support post is a white vehicle. That will give you an idea of the immense size of this interchange that is being built. OH, and those orange barrels are the 3 foot tall kind, that block off traffic.

We had the grandkids over to swim a couple of weeks ago. We have lots of "noodles" for swimming, but I didn't get any rafts this year.  So, as a matter of invention Claire invented a raft from a plasitc chair and pool noodles.  She did use all of the noodles for this, but that is OK, because I love seeing inventions going on in the minds of the kids. 


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