Monday, June 13, 2011

Kirsten's back and a Prayer Shawl

This is Kirsten. She is a 23 year old American Girls Doll. She belongs to our younger daughter, Anna. Well, as a wonderful aunt, Anna decided to share her dolls with her nieces. She had 4 of them, Kirsten, Molly, Felicity and Addy. Two of the dolls live with my granddaughters at their home and the other two are here at my house.

As can be expected, while in storage the 23 year old doll had a problem. Her leg came undone from her body. Eventually, I decided to send her away to get her fixed. So, we put her and her leg, in a plastic bag and then in a box. The UPS Store guy took her and shipped her to the hospital.

She came back last week and what a treat! She was in a clean box and looks beautiful.

Here she is all healthy and fixed, wearing her hospital gown and hospital bracelet. She even has been refreshed(cleaned) and had her hair done!

Here are the happy, and loving, granddaughters. You know, they loved her unconditionally. It didn't matter to them that Kirsten's leg was broken. They played with her carefully and loved her all the more.

When a loved one passes quickly, it is very difficult for those of us left behind. We had that happen in our family just a few weeks ago, when a cousin of mine passed away. I couldn't be there, but wanted to send some love to his widow, so I decided to make her a prayer shawl. I used one of my own patterns, the Column Shawl, and then added a ruffle to each short end.

I used a worsted weight cotton for this shawl.

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