Monday, November 14, 2011

Queen Anne's lace and it is almost Baby Time!

I have shared a lot of what I have been knitting for our new grandson. Here is a sweater that I designed and knitted for him.  I used a very soft wool for this sweater and made it to fit, so that he will probably be able to wear it as a coat all through winter, until March.

My friend, Laurie, called me a couple of weeks ago and told me about a great scarf pattern that she found. Hmmm, crocheted, too. So, I looked it up and printed out the pattern, but didn't go much further than that.  It was and is very pretty, but I am test knitting several of my patterns right now and trying hard to finish them. 

Wednesday arrived and Laurie showed her scarves for show-n-tell and I was hooked!  (Pun intended)  :)
I came home and searched through my stash of yarns, and decided to use some handspun yarn for my Queen Anne's lace scarf.  I love this scarf.  Making it is so much fun, too.

I used every bit of the ball of yarn that I had. My scarf isn't a real long scarf, but it is a great length and I will wear this. AND more are in the works, too.  If you want to make this scarf, here is the link to the pattern.

My yarn was a bulky weight and I used a size K (US) crochet hook for it.

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  1. Thanks for the pattern, J. I am determined to make this scarf even with my limited crochet skills!