Thursday, November 24, 2011

Never a Dull Moment!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!  We went to Anna's for dinner today. It was fun for all of us to be together for dinner. We are a very thankful family this year.  For one, we have a new son-in -law and for two, we have a new baby in the family. For three, God protected my husband(Jeff, The UPS Store guy), our employees and our customers, from certain harm.

On Monday, I called to warn The UPS Store guy about a heavy rain storm headed his way and I hear him say, "I can't worry about that right now, a customer just drove through the front window." I said, "Are you kidding or serious?"  You see, if you knew us personally, you would know that we love to laugh and have fun and tease each other.  Well, he was absolutely serious.  :\  However, no one was injured, a miracle!

Since I was at Anna's helping out, and he said that he had it under control, I waited until the next morning to go and see him.  Here is what I found. The green car is the culprit, that turned our UPS Store into an open air market store. If you look closely you will see that the window is gone from the front of the store, and so is the door. The UPS Store guy is standing where the door and windows were.

This picture, below, was taken right after the accident.  The car is still in the store.  I am glad that I saw The UPS Store guy, before I saw this picture!  Geez. She hit the copiers, the cards and card racks and we lost 2 counters/cabinets and some other things. All can and are being fixed and replaced.

The local fire department had to come and get the electricity turned off, so the car could be removed.  Seems she pulled some wires in with her from the signs on the window. The the brave firemen, turned on her car and backed it out.

This picture, below, is one I took on Tuesday, the day after.  The window/door man's tools are there. He has since replaced the door, but we are waiting on some windows.  You can see the broken copiers and the UPS Store guy waving in the background.  Yep, we were open for business. 

So, you see, I have a lot to be thankful to God for this year, and that is just in the last week. Some repairs are being done now and some will be done in January, after all the Christmas presents are shipped.

If you are curious, like me, I was told that she wasn't on her cell phone or texting on her phone. She thought she hit the brake, but the car revved and in she crashed.


  1. Oh my goodness, Joanne, how did I miss this?!? I'll agree with you - there is a lot for you to be thankful for!!!!

    Did you guys at least make the local news? LOL!

  2. Yes, Cary, the incident made the local CBS news that evening. :)