Sunday, December 11, 2011

It's A Breeze

Introducing a  new pattern.  :)  This pattern is named "It's A Breeze."  I didn't have a title for this one and asked for title ideas. The idea came from my tester Liz, because she said, "It's A Breeze to knit, so you should name it that."  :)  I have posted some pictures of it, previously, but posted again, so all would know which project(pattern) is done.  The directions are written for fingering/sport and for worsted weight yarns. This pumpkin one is sport weight cotton yarn. 

The gray one is out of worsted weight wool.  Both of these scarves are for sale in my etsy shop

As of now, the pattern is available through Ravelry.  My Ravelry is TerrificFibers and you will find it there. I will get it into the etsy shop this week, but not today.

I had made one of the It's A Breeze's out of sock weight yarn and was wearing it. I loved it.  AND someone else liked it so much they bought it right off my neck.  LOL!  So, now I will be making another one for me. :)

This aqua scarf below was crocheted.  I had a lot of fun, changing up my mode of operation and going from knit to crochet.  :)

AND here is another Queen Anne's lace scarf.  I really do think these things are contagious, like potato chips.  You cannot make just one.  Sooo, pretty.

Well, I am off to do some more creating.

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