Thursday, January 12, 2012

It Has Been A While

Well, I hope you had a great Christmas and New Year's.  We had a very busy time and a very blessed season.  During that time of busy-ness, my computer decided it didn't want to turn on!  Maybe it was because it knew that I was already busy and didn't need one more thing to do.  So, I ended up taking out my notebook computer and did some things on that, but wasn't able to download pics to it very easily. So, my blog became a lonely site out here on the internet. 

I am back!  We think that maybe the black box will be working now and I can function as needed, again.

Even though it is Jaunuary 12, I thought I would show you some Christmas pics.  :)  

We had a very delicious cake for dessert!  Anna made us a cake and decorated it.  :)  It is always a difficult task to cut into her cakes. They are works of art and sooooo pretty. But, then we think about how good they always taste and we can't cut it fast enough.

Here we have cousins.  :) Two of our 3 cuties!!! The hat on "little C" is actually "big C's." She received it from her mom and dad, her mom Rebekah had made it for her.  The only time C took this hat off all day, was to share it with her new cousin. 

Grampa and Gramma(The UPS Store guy and me) decided to recondition an older doll bunk bed that I had found.  C will be using it for her American Girl Dolls.  The bed comes apart and can be used separate or as the bunk bed.  The UPS Store guy sanded and painted the bed and ladder.  I made some mattresses and blankets.  C had wanted to learn to sew one day, so she and her mom made pillows.  Since they had done that, I didn't make pillows.

With our Christmas tree in the background, we have N with her dad.  I made her a scarf to go with her shrug and other clothing that we gave her.  She is modeling the scarf here wrapped around her head. 
In the background of this photo, is a yo-yo quilt. That quilt was made by my Great-great grandmother.  It is a real treasure to have this quilt.

And here, I back us up to Thanksgiving.  :)  This is the family.  Yep, we have trees in Tx.  :)  That is not a false backdrop, but honest to goodness trees.  Our resident photographer, Rebekah, took this photo, while she was in it. Can you see the clicker in her hand??? I can't.

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