Monday, January 30, 2012

Out with the old, In with the new

As it goes with most remodeling plans, there is always a glitch.  :)  This glitch isn't the worst thing that can happen, but it happened none the less.

If you have been reading my blog for very long, you know that we bought the neighborhood fixer-upper house.  It is one of the oldest homes in the neighborhood and really hasn't had the loving care that it should've had, from the previous owners. Now, though, it is being loved.  :)

The current room under attack is the laundry room.  New paint, new shelves, even a deep sink has gone in.  I just love the deep sink!!  Well, I have been ignoring the signs from the washer for several months.  You know the ones, wetter clothes as the come out, sometimes, not all the time.  Some weird spots on the laundry.  Then on Friday, it took 4 times to spin the current laundry load to get the majority of the water out.  I still had about 1 quart in the bottom and the sheets were dripping!  So, I tried to squeeze out the water (ever done that with king size sheets?) and then put them in the drier for a little bit and then hung them to dry.  

So, it is with great sadness, that I say good-bye to my faithful friend.  We purchased it about 18 years ago, so it needs to be retired......

AND HELLO to my new friend. :)  You know, with as much time as the laundry person(me in this house) spends at the washer, they are like a friend!  Here is my new one.  Washers have changed alot in 18 years.  I knew that. I have continued to look at them in the store, to keep up on what is happening. But, I went with the top loader that will agitate.  Mainly, cause I still want to felt and felt easily.  :)

I do have to tell you.  We purchased the new washer at Lowe's.  What a fabulous experience we had. We were told there would be a phone call telling us the approximate time of delivery and sure enough.  At 7 am, the phone rang.  Running to the phone, I am thinking, "Who is sick, who was in a wreck...ack!"  Banged my toe on the corner of the wall and answered the PORTABLE phone.(which could've been right with me, but it wasn't) The nice gentleman on the other end, says,"This is Lowe's and we will deliver your washer today, between 12:30 and 2pm."  Trying not to scream "ow!" in his ear, I just said "Great!" and we hang up.

Promptly at 12:30 there is a knock at the door and the men with the washer are here!  In they come and down to the laundry room they go.  They hook it up and even try it out!  Off they go and I am back in business!

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  1. I love the saga of the laundry room. Congrats on your new washer and may all your houehold rennovation projects go smoothly! ;^)