Saturday, February 23, 2013

A New Scarf Pattern!

Well, it is about time, I finished this pattern. I started this pattern over a year ago.  It all started with my trip to NY in the summer of 2011.  :)  I purchased some yarn at a yarn shop in Islip, NY.  When I arrived home, it went on the shelf as I thought about what to do with it.  (that's a nice way of saying, it went into the stash bin) LOL!

Christmas, 2011, came and January, 2012, arrived.  Hmmmm, what to do for Rebekah for her birthday???
OH, a scarf out of the great yarn that I purchased on Long Island, when we drove there!!  Perfect. The pattern was narrowed down to 3 lace designs, and off I went.

 This tan scarf, above, was made from 100% worsted weight cotton, I Love This Cotton, at Hobby Lobby.

 This off white scarf, above, is Rebekah's scarf. It is the original scarf, made from a DK cotton weight yarn.

 This scarf is mine.  :)  It is made from silk DK weight yarn.  I love the color!! I purchased it from a local shop in TX.  Well, local, it is 45 miles away, but is the closest yarn shop to my house. (Other than my closet downstairs)  :)

The scarf uses size 10 US (5.75 mm) needles and 250 yards of yarn. Even though these scarves are cotton and silk, acrylic and wool will work for the pattern also.  They won't hang exactly the same, but will hang nicely.

This pattern was test knit by some of my knitting friends, who meet with me at a local library.  It is always fun to have a group knit, for test knitting! I get to see how all levels of knitters handle the same pattern and get some very good input. Which helps all knitters, in the end.

The pattern can be found on Ravelry, HERE.
On etsy the pattern can be found in the pattern section of my shop, Here.

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  1. Joanne, that is a very pretty pattern! Of course, all your patterns are that way ;)

    Glad to read a post from you, hope all are well!