Saturday, July 6, 2013

Vintage Chairs and some YARN :)

We had another trip to the Canton First Mondays Trade Days!  Actually, there were 2 trips, but I am so slow at getting to painting the first chair, that it was done with the second chair.  OH, and then there is the table. 
I am collecting chairs for my studio. I have a large work table down there and I thought it would be great to have vintage chairs around it, and have them painted wonderful fun colors.  It is my studio and color should abound, right?? Oh, the end table is for the living room.

Well, here are the chairs and the end table cleaned and with the Kilz on them.

Here they are painted!  I love my chair colors and they are done. The end table will take more work and the blue, which is only going on the table top, is supposed to be navy blue. At least it was on the card I handed the girl in the paint dept. The bottom of the table is being painted white and so is the drawer.  The handles on the drawer were really tarnished, but I was able to clean them successfully with Bar Keepers Friend.

Several weeks ago now, my friend, Debbie Coder came for a visit from Minnesota!!! We had so much fun yarn shopping, eating chocolate, talking, knitting, eating chocolate, making batts to spin, eating chocolate, and spinning!  Did I mention eating chocolate??? OH, and let's not forget the coffee.  :)

Well, this is Debbie's first batt. Isn't it gorgeous?!


Here is my batt! 

We had silk, mohair curls and soft wool in our batts, making them so soft and lucious.

Then here are our yarns.  Washed and drying on the back porch.


  1. Love the chairs! I claim the green one to sit on next time I visit! My yarn is still waiting for the perfect project. That was such a fun visit!!! Miss you!

  2. LOL, I was going to claim the green chair for a visit but it looks like someone beat me to it ;) I'm glad you had such fun with your friend and the found furniture looks great!

  3. Haha! Cary and Deb, I didn't realize green would be so popular. I hope you two can share. :) LOL!