Sunday, June 14, 2015

Upcycled Quilt Tote, Grandchildren, Unbalanced Yarn(Nightmare Socks)

I was going through my finished project pictures and realized that I hadn't posted this little tote.  To make this tote, I used an old quilt and doilies, which were purchased at a flea market.  The bag is big enough for a small project, like a pair of socks. I made this in December, 2014 and it was part of my gift for the yarn spinners group that I attend.
We just arrived home from a trip to help care for our grandson while his little sister was born.  I had a great time playing with him and holding our new precious granddaughter.
Here's our 3 1/2 year old Ninja Turtle.
AND our precious 3 day old granddaughter. 

 One of the projects that I took along with me, to work on while flying, was a pair of red socks.  I have wanted a pair of red socks for years! I purchased the yarn from an indie dyer at DFW Fiberfest, about 2 years ago.  I am so disappointed with this yarn.  The color is great, but the quality of the spin job of this yarn is awful.  I don't know who her supplier is, but really this is awful, a real Nightmare. The yarn is not balanced.  I am not sure if I can fix it, by running through my spinning wheel, but I will probably try.  However, if you spend $20+ on sock yarn, it should be perfect or near perfect. I loved this red color.........

I cast on both socks, from the toe up, using the two at a time magic loop technique.  However, as I was knitting along, the yarn started twisting back on itself and knotting up.  Since I was pulling the yarn from the outside of the ball, I decided to rip them out and start again.  The second time I started by pulling from the center of the ball.  I soon realized this project was doomed.  BUT, still trying to salvage them, I thought what if I take off one sock and just knit one at a time? This way, I could stop every once in a while and hold the sock out and untwist it, to balance the yarn. Well, that worked for a bit, but I was having to do this about every 20 stitches.  I finally gave up and put the project in time out, where is still sits. ;)

Below is one sock toe and the ball of yarn.  All that curl and twist in the yarn is the unbalanced yarn starting to knot up on itself. Nightmare.....

This next picture is a close up of that toe.  If you look carefully, you will see, on the right hand side of the photo, the increases for the toe shaping.  Look at the left side? Where are the increases? We cannot see them, they are twisting around the toe. Nightmare...  There is a set of increases on that side that should be seen on the front, but cannot be seen because of the twisting.  This is what will happen with unbalanced yarn. It looks like you have knitted something on the diagonal because the fabric you are making is actually taking on the life of the uncontrolled twisty yarn.

Yes, I could keep going and block the socks.  But, truly, that shouldn't be needed.  Also, I am afraid that they will feel like they are twisting around my foot and be uncomfortable. 

So, I will meet the challenge and try to fix this yarn and make it balanced.  I like the red. :) For now, time out socks....  Haha!

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  1. Nice red, but not nice unbalanced yarn! Little ones are so cute and the new baby is such a tiny button! So happy you were able to go visit!