Friday, July 3, 2015

Alligator Surprise!

Well, I have mentioned the rain before and thankfully it has slowed down some, but we are still getting an occasional rain storm.  Some of the roads near and around the lakes are still flooded in several places. In our little town, we have one major road flooded in two places and another road still flooded in one place. This makes for driving and getting out of the community pretty tricky. We now have only one road in and out.
Here is one of the flooded roads. That lime green stuff you see, is the water.  It is full of algae and really awful looking. I stayed in the car to take the picture, didn't want to meet a snake or alligator, not to mention the mosquitoes. Nope not that brave, thank you. 
Umm, here is why I mentioned alligators.  Normally, we don't think of north central Texas having alligators.  Well, apparently, people have been buying the babies and having them as pets. Crazy and nuts, if you ask me. Anyway, they don't want to kill them when they get too big to have as a pet, so what do they do??? They dump them in the local lake! Good grief. This is the second sighting of an alligator. The first sighting was near the place of the green water and it was only a 6 foot alligator. Haha! And since I didn't want to tempt fate AND I didn't need a new pair of boots or a bag, I stayed in the car.
KNITTING! I finished my Seabrook vest. The pattern is from Berroco and is free. I used a cotton yarn from Cascade, named Luna, for my vest. I didn't meet gauge with this yarn. But, I solved that by just casting on fewer stitches. This vest is knit sideways and is a giant rectangle.  If I had cast on the amount of stitches called for, I would've had a floor length vest.  Being only 5' 1", I am not exaggerating(much) on that comment.

So, the vest is supposed to be ALL seed stitch.  I gave up on the seed stitch after only 4 inches. You know, there can be too much of a good thing. I decided to knit every row, for the rest of the vest and finished with a seed stitch border on the opposite end.
Another project, that I just made is this scarf. I had to run and find the pattern just so that I could give you the correct name. Um.  Here it is. Linen Summer Wrap. This scarf is addictive. It is one of those projects that you can memorize the pattern and just knit. You knit it sideways and increase to a certain stitch count, then start to decrease. Every so often you throw in a row of extra yarn overs for each stitch and the next row you drop those yarn overs, so that you have a lacey look.  It looks great when done and is a wonderful accessory to your outfit! I have just started my 4th one. No gauge worries either! You just want it to be a drapey fabric. It takes about 160 yards of yarn.

Yarn for this scarf is Linen Concerto, from Plymouth yarns.

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