Saturday, July 18, 2009

Busy Week

Wow! It is Saturday already. Truly amazing! Where did the week go???? OH, I know it was eaten up by 100+ temperatures all week. You know, after about 2 days, no 2 hours of that, I am back saying, "You know, snow isn't so bad in the winter." "You know, I will do allllll the shoveling." You know, the thermostat, oh forget it............" For better of for worse we live here, so we learn to endure the heat. Thankfully, the heat wave broke, after 9 days and the next day the high was 98F and I found myself saying, "Oh, it feels nice out here!" Hahahaha! It is always amazing to me, when we have had the type of temperatures that we had, 100F +, that when the temperatures finally do break and we are reading 98 on the thermometer, we are grateful for 98! LOL! But, I do have one question, this COLD front that came down from Canada and brought our "nicer" temperatures, is bringing 60's to other parts of the country, so why are we 98??? Why are we not 60? Oh, I know, it has something to do with the equator and living nearer to it and some high pressure system over New Mexico. But, in my non-meteorological mind, we should be having 60 too. :)

On the knitting front, I have finished clue #3 of the Mystery Bag, who is now called Emma. My friend Liz and I sat in my living room on Monday, working on our bags. Mind you, knitting with wool and it was 105 outside. OK, I digress, back to that temperature thing again. I have made a shawl this week. It might be a new pattern, it might not. Working on about 3 or 4 patterns right now. My friend Peggy suggested I try the pattern for the new shawl on my knitting machine. Well, I couldn't exactly replicate it, but I did get pretty close. Pictures will come on a later date.

So, if you have read this far, on yet another post with no pictures. I have a surprise for you.
I am knitting socks too. Of course, I haven't touched them in about 12 months. But, they are being made from the toe up and on one circular needle. Here is a you-tube video of a guy doing 7 pair on one needle all at the same time!! Truly, 7 pair.


  1. Yesterday it was so cool I almost put the cotton yarn away and picked up the mohair! It DOES almost feel cool now after those blistering days! But we fiber girls are never daunted by the weather - there is a fiber for every season ;-)

  2. You've made a shawl this week.... I'm still working on my shawl that I've had going forever. I'm obviously not dedicating enough time to knitting! By the way, I love the colors you picked for your mystery bag. I think that's going to be really pretty. Stay cool!