Friday, July 24, 2009

Show and Tell Day with Jon Rutherford and Santa

During the summer months, we have show and tell days at the UPS Store, in Lewisville TX. It is when we open up and let our business boxholders show their businesses off, if they want to.

It gives a free venue to advertise and find new customers. Also, helps to do marketing tests and make friends with locally independent business folks.

I have been taking my items and getting to know other business
owners and finding new customers and friends.
The top photos are some of my items.

The bottom photo has a story. As we were setting up, it was fairly quiet and I lamented to the UPS guy and to Santa that I should've brought my CD player. OH< yes, Santa was there! Can you believe it? Santa came to TX in the middle of the July heat!!! He said he had to warm up a little and wanted to check and make sure we, especially me, were being good. I assured him, that I was being good. Hahahaha!
Back to the story. So, I mentioned to Santa, that I wished we had music outside. It would make it so much nicer. I, of course, was thinking about a "boom box." Well, here it is July and Santa still granted my wish, and boy, did he fulfill it! Not only did I get music, but I got LIVE music! AND good music! Jon Rutherford, was there and singing for us in a heart beat. He had a CD with him and was also showing his window replacement business.

I'll take live music any day, over the radio, and then to have such a wonderfully talented singer, wow! Santa did a great job on that one. If you decide to click on his name, you will go to his site and then you can hear him sing too.

Notice Santa's attire. Bet you didn't know that he wears shorts in the summer. He also had on croc's, instead of his heavy and hot boots. He actually told me that he loves to go to parties in the summer and that people love to have him at their parties.

After granting my music wish, I am wondering if he will still grant my Christmas wish, oh well.....


  1. And on top of all that he's cute! (Jon Rutherford, I mean)