Saturday, August 22, 2009

Finished Projects

The cold front came. We did receive 3/4 of an inch of rain. That was nice. Yesterday morning was cool and this morning it is cool, also. But, it should heat up to 95 or so. As my daughter reminds me, it is better than 105 F. :)

I have been knitting for me, as well as, trying to get some patterns done. Here is the Emma Bag

FINISHED! I have the lining in it. I put some plastic needlepoint canvas in the bottom, to give it a stiffer bottom.
Then I ironed interfacing onto the lining fabric. I added 5 pockets inside. I put some on each narrow end and then 2 larger pockets on one side. Usually, I put the pocket all around and then I cannot get to the bottom of the bag. So, I thought I would try it a little different this time. One pocket is very narrow, it is for pens. You know how your pen always disappears to the bottom of your bag? Well, hopefully I have solved that one. Oh, yeah, I know, I have to remember to put the pen in the pocket. LOL!

I started the slouch hat or beret, early this past spring. I wanted a pretty wool hat to walk in. I get up in the early morning hours and go outside to walk. At that time, in the winter, it is cold enough for a wool hat! Especially, when the wind is blowing, which is most of the winter. I just love this hat! Not only is it blue, my favorite color, but it is made from my
handspun yarn. The pattern is called Woolly Wormhead's Meret. I found it on Ravelry.


  1. You did good on the bag lining! And I do like that hat. I found a beret style I think I may start soon.

  2. Beautiful bag, Joanne! Now you have me itching to start a beret for myself!