Thursday, August 20, 2009

You know how hot and dry it is in Texas when......

you come out of a restaurant and see a bird, under your car, not just for shade, but drinking the water that is dripping from your car's air conditioner! LOL! Yep, that happened to us last Sunday. We went to lunch and when we came out of the restaurant, there was a bird, doing just that under our car.

I haven't blogged in quite a while, well I guess about a week or so. So, to catch up on the business here, I thought I would tell you of some of the things I have been doing in one post.

Last Thursday, I went with our daughter and her 2 daughters to NRH2O. This is a giant water park. We had a very fun time and rode many water slides, went in the wave pool, the beach front pool and lazy river.
Then when that was over the granddaughters came home with me and spent the night. We did arts and craft projects, they spun yarn and the younger of the two, had a knitting lesson. On Friday, we also made ice cream. When mom arrived, they didn't want to leave. LOL!
The picture above is of the two bobbins the girls used. N, the oldest at 9, spun a great striping yarn using yellow, blue and pink. C, 6 years old, spun pink(her favorite color). After they left, Gramma(me), plied the yarns to balance them. Then I washed them and here is the finished product. Art yarn! I love it, they are gorgeous.

I have been writing patterns again this week. One for a handwarmer that is almost finished. The neckwarmer that I am writing for Jacob's Reward farm is 99% done. I know Cindy will be glad to get that pattern. You will be able to get it from her and it is made with her yarn. A wonderful Alpaca yarn, grown and spun in the USA! Pictures of the neckwarmer pattern will follow in another post.
The pool temp was 84 this morning. The outside high is to be 101F in Dallas. But, they tell us a "cold" front is moving in. Dropping the highs to the low 90's. Why is that a COLD front????


  1. The girls made beautiful yarn, Joanne! I hope they're very proud of themselves! And I am anxious for the JR pattern, but only because it is so beautiful! You designed a gorgeous piece with our yarn - I can't thank you enough!

  2. Wow, what fun yarns! I know you and the girls had fun.
    We're in the 60s up here and I'm okay with that!
    You are so good about writing patterns! I have ideas, but need the weekly nudge to get going from you! I do have a good opportunity coming up--I won 7-10 pounds of yarn from Warm Woolies to make sweaters for kids. Now THAT'S a good opportunity to play with yarn!

  3. I'll take 90's over 100's any day!!! Plus the huge dump of rain we had this morning was sooooo needed :)

    Thank you, Gramma, for letting us come play and teaching us to spin :D