Friday, November 20, 2009

Kid N Ewe

Last weekend I went to Kid N Ewe in Boerne, Tx. It is a fiber festival and happens every year in November. This is the first time that I have been able to attend and I am glad I did. I rode down with my friend Terri and we had a great time.

The shawl is an absolute work of art. I just think it is beautiful, but my picture doesn't do it justice.

This is the Jacob Reward's booth. They had a couple of my patterns in there. I didn't go to sell my items, but to shop. AND shop I did. I will be having some fun spinning and knitting times, and soon too. Not only did Cindy have this booth, but Laurie and Mary shared it with her. On Saturday, several of us set up behind the booth and spent time spinning.

This is a booth with dyed bamboo rovings and bamboo blend rovings in it. Dyed and ready to spin. Bamboo has a gorgeous sheen to it and yes, it is from the bamboo plant. When spun it is very soft. I have purchased from this vendor before, she lives near me north of Dallas.

There is always a sheep to shawl competition there. There were 3 teams. These teams, card and spin the wool and there is one weaver. The shawls are judged when done and the nicest one is the winner. This is a very serious event. Pictured is part of one of the teams.

My friends Marlene and Peggy have sock machines and love them. Here they are demonstrating antique sock machines. They own these machines and do make socks on them.

And JoJo was able to attend to. She had a great time, but her favorite place was sitting on Laurie's handspun yarn, that was for sale in the Jacob's Reward booth.


  1. I think JoJo was happy. It was a great day!

  2. Had such a good time with you and Terri. What are the dates for next year? We need to get it on the calendar, for sure.

  3. I think that Kid N Ewe is usually the second weekend in November. Don't forget February is FancyFibers Retreat and March is Wildflower in Tyler.