Sunday, November 29, 2009

New Stash

Well, I totally missed wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you all had a wonderful time with family and friends, as you reflected on what you had to be thankful for. We had a wonderful day and had a homemade turkey dinner, made by me. Our younger daughter, Anna, came over and we ate, then watched the football game with her. I was knitting, what else do you do during a football game, I consider it quality knitting time. Like watching a guy flick with the UPS Store guy. You know, the kind that women usually turn their noses up at. Now think about this. When the movie gets tense, I knit faster! Yep, I really do. There are usually scarey parts, so I get to look at the knitting ALOT, too. So, I get more done. Anyway, back to my story about the Cowboy's game. Sorry, fellow Texans, I don't really care who wins the football game. So, I usually chear for the team that has the ball. :) Well, I was doing this on Thursday, when Anna looks at me and says, "Mom, I cannot believe you aren't rooting for the Cowboy's! You are rooting for the other team?!" I looked at her and said, "Oh, I root for whoever has the ball, less stress that way and I just knit happily along." She just sat there staring at me, shaking her head, muttering something about her crazy knitting mom.

OK, now onto the NEW STASH.
When I went to Kid N Ewe and lama too, I did buy stash. It was fun, I tell myself that I am supporting the local farmers. And, truthfully, I am. So, after a day of spinning and shopping, I purchased hand dyed wool/silk yarn, wool/mohair roving, bamboo/alpaca roving, the two balls
in the middle of the picture are two balls of alpaca lace weight yarn and then some beautifully dyed mohair curls in the very front. So, a friend was asking me to show her what I purchased and I said, Blue roving, Blue roving, Blue yarn, Blue yarn, Blue mohair curls, Purple(blue family) mohair curls, Teal mohair curls(blue family) and brown mohair curls. She looks at me and says, "Hmm, you like blue?" I said, "Ya think?" At which point I decided to step out of my comfort box.
Mary Ann wanted to know where we had purchased these oh, so soft, mohair curls. So, I said I'll show you. All the while thinking, how am I going to get out of this blue comfort zone. So, I was showing her some dyed wool, in a booth that I liked, and then we went to the mohair curls. While there I decided to buy RED mohair curls and then go back to the booth we were in earlier for some dyed red wool locks. So, I am now, successfully, out of my comfort zone, I think. I do love red, too, and today I started carding the wool locks. So pretty and soft.


  1. Wow, when you step out you do it big time. LOVE the red!

  2. I knew you would. :) I thought of you when I purchased it.