Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A New Toy or Tool?

After spending a couple of hours on the computer, working on a new baby sweater pattern today, I remembered that I hadn't posted out here in about a week. Time sure flies!

I had taken these pictures a couple of weeks ago and just didn't get to blog about this amazing toy. Well, it really isn't a toy, it is a tool, for work, or for PLAY. :) It is an amazing drying rack.
There is a fan at the back that blows out room temperature air, but the air is channelled up to the different layers of shelves.

I wanted to show you the box, so you would know what to look for, if you decide you like this toy.
The fan runs on regular electricity, not 220 like your dryer. Therefore, it is economical. You can just leave the fan off too.

The shelves are great, should you wish to wash wool sweaters and have a place to lay them, flat. The shelves lift very easily up and off each other, so it is easy to lay your items on each shelf. Also, if you are washing fleeces to spin and needing to dry fiber, or yarn, that has been dyed, this works great, too. Turn on that fan and you are ready to spin and knit in no time. (Hence the toy title.)

So, if you are doing laundry, the tool title, you can attach the side pieces and hang shirts there. You could use the side piece to hang yarn, too.

Several of us, bought them at Kroger. The Signature Krogers, actually. Well, really I didn't even find it at the store. Everyone in the spinning group was looking for them. Joyce found a bunch at the Signature Kroger near her. She called and ended up purchasing about 4 for us. Imagine she rode around with these things in her car for a week! The boxes were about 40 inches long, by 12 inches wide and 8 inches tall. She, and her family, deserve a reward for that!

They can be purchased on Amazon, too. But, Kroger had a special sale and we were able to get them for about half of what they were on Amazon.

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