Monday, March 1, 2010

Projects and Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off

It is a gray and dreary day here in north Texas. It has rained off and on all day. So, in order to get pictures, to post these newly finished projects, I have turned on the lights. The colors look pretty good for these pictures, you always wonder when using artificial lighting.

The first project is a 3-6 month size hat and sweater combo. The plan for this outfit, is to list it for sale on etsy. The hat is from cotton yarn and the sweater is from a cotton/wool blend. It is so very soft to the touch.

I added some embroidered trim to the neck, wrists and bottom of the sweater, as well as, the pockets to the front. The hat has some embroidery on it too.

The socks are done. I know I whined about the coloring, but now that they are done and I put them on, I am in love with them! They are a part cotton and wool yarn and feel divine on my feet.

I had knitted these socks from the toe up, if you remember. Well, Jeny Staiman, has come up with a great bind off, called the Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off. I decided to try the bind off on my socks and am very pleased with it. It looks wonderful and functions even better. :)
Here is the bind off being taught by Cat Bordhi.

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  1. I love that bind off. I wish I had found it yesterday. I've been struggling with a sweater neck bind off, trying to keep it nice and loose.

    Your baby items are adorable.