Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dolls all over!

On Wednesdays, I can usually be found spinning with a very talented group of women from all over the metroplex. We drive in, to a pretty much central location, from all over. Some drive an hour or more, and some drive 10 minutes down the road. This group has become a life-line of sorts. We tell new people that we solve all problems and help, with opinions about all things. LOL! Truly, it is a group of great and fun ladies. Lot's of ideas float around this group.

One day, Laurie saw my JoJo doll. JoJo is the doll that sits on my blog and you will see her in a lot of pictures. Sometimes, Mini Dee and Baa, will be with her. THEN Peggy made a couple of dolls like JoJo. Laurie couldn't take it anymore and the next thing we knew she was making a doll! Well, the Ravelympics are happening and Laurie thought, how many dolls can I make for the Olympics. So, she went to work. Here are the dolls, 10 of them, that she has made and clothed, since the Olympics started. Just a couple more days to go and I know there will be at least one more. :)

Some of their clothes were crocheted and some knitted. Some of the yarn was store bought and some was handspun. Aren't they gorgeous!?

The wonderful day was over. Time to go home. The dolls were carefully loaded into their traveling basket and made ready for their trip home.


  1. What a creative collection! Wow!

  2. Jojo now has lots of "Laurie" cousins. I am a doll freak so I just loved pouring over all the detail on these dolls: knitting baskets, jewelry, scarves, crazy hair. I can't get enough of them. Hope all three of you make some more.

  3. Wow, they're so cute! And their style certainly is giving Barbie a run for her money :)

  4. Are MiniD and Jojo having a slumber party? Sounds like fun at your house!