Monday, February 22, 2010

Sakiori II Vest

With my other two Ravelympics Projects done, my last one is this vest. It comes from the book, Folk Vests by Cheryl Oberle. Technically, you are supposed to use many different colors and skeins of yarn for this vest. However, I am using Noro yarn. Noro yarn changes colors leaving large color blocks or stripes. The vest was worked with one ball of yarn at a time, when that one ended I started the next one. All the color changes are created by the yarn. Even the great stripes on the center front and around the back of the neck are the yarn changing colors.

This project is listed in the WIP dancing competition. WIP stands for Works In Progress. This means that this vest has been sitting in my stash unfinished for a while. I have had the yarn about 4 years, and the idea for about 3 years when Deb suggested I try this vest. I only had six ball of Noro yarn, so I wasn't sure. I started it near the end of 2009 and then stashed it away again, for Christmas knitting. I decided to bring it out for the Ravelympic knitting, so I would get it done.

So far it isn't done, but we are getting closer. There are tabs that get inserted on the sides, they are knitted, but not attached to the vest yet. Looks like I will have just enough yarn.