Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ravelympics 2010

As the world gears up for the Olympics, we in the fiber community are gearing up too. On Ravelry, the wonderful world of Spinners, knitters, and crocheters, we are having the Ravelympics 2010. You start a project(s), in your time zone, when the actual opening cerremonies for the Olympics start, on Friday, February 12. The challenge is to have your project(s) done by the time the closing ceremonies end.

Teams have been formed and events are labeled, we are ready to go. All this is just for fun, of course.
The Wednesday hand spinners group, that I attend, has become a team. Liz made our Ravatar(avatar) for the team. So, instead of your normal Ravatar you can have this picture next to your name.

I have joined the WIP dancing event. That is the Works In Progress dancing event. Hahaha! My girls know, that that is funny. Mom, try to dance. :) Thankfully, I just have to knit for the event. I purchased some Noro yarn about 4 years ago. I only purchased 6 skeins. What to do with 6 skeins? My Mom's Work suggested the Sakiori II vest from Folk Vests, by Cheryl Oberle. I thought she made a great suggestion! I have some black Ashford Tekapo, to add in on the borders and edgings, should I need it.

Last winter, I started working on the vest. Put it away for another project. It is the perfect project for the WIP event. I have entered it there. What you see are the two back pieces and the fronts have a bit started on them.
I would like to join at least one more event. But, I haven't made the decision on that one yet.

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