Monday, August 30, 2010

A Great Spinning Wheel!

We spent college years in Minnesota. It was a fun place to live and I loved living there. Part of the great experience was all the wonderful people we met and made friends with. We still know several of those people and still communicate with them.

One of those families, Duane and Sharon, just went to the Minnesota State Fair. When they were walking through one of the pavilions, they thought of us. :) Why??? Well, because of this great spinning wheel. Isn't it fabulous?? The nameplate on it says, Patriot.

It actually won a blue ribbon.

In looking at it I noticed some similarities to the Majacraft Rose, which itself is a wonderful wheel, and made in New Zealand. But, as I looked closer, I realized that this wheel is its own design. They may have used some ideas from the Rose, but they went a bit further.

It is a great wheel, and I am sure the owner enjoys using it.

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  1. We saw that wheel, too. It had all kinds of stuff on it--very patriotic!