Monday, August 9, 2010

Knit Cast Ons

Wow! On my etsy knitters list this morning, Mette, one of our moderators, posted a link for the following Berroco Yarn Company's Cast On video. This is a great video. If you are an experienced knitter, you may already know how to cast on as suggested in the video.

BUT, near the end of the video is a great idea for the long tail cast on that I have never seen before. I am going to start using it for sure!

If you use the long tail cast on, you won't ever run out of yarn while casting on again.
Check it out. :)

Hope you enjoyed the video.


  1. Neat video! The long-tail cast-on is my favorite. I probably use it even when I shouldn't be because it's the one I'm most comfortable with. I typically use the inch-per-stitch method of estimating and I usually cast on over two needles. If you're using big needles, though, that inch thing doesn't work. Ask me how I know! hahaha

  2. Oh yes, I've used most of those. The last one is a good one. That's always an issue.
    The only difference in her long-tail CO is that she has the tail to the back and goes under under. I usually teach tail to the front and under over. I'll remember the other way. Sometimes new knitters have to try different versions of a technique before they gain confidence. Good video!

  3. I do the long tail cast on differently than her also. I had never seen it done the way she does it. I had started thinking that I was doing it wrong, and thought, "Well, what I do works." :) Glad to know, I am not the only one.

  4. I like the long tail cast on as well but mine too is different....thanks for sharing the video because it's always good to see different ways of doing things....